Intelligent Social Marketing

Continuon's AI powered platform helps brands understand their social media communities & content, identify nano-influencers, and build data-driven campaigns that increase ROI.

Create content that people love.

Understand what interests your social audiences. Create social marketing that’s real, authentic and relevant. Brands using Continuon to optimize their content have reported an increase in organic reach of more than 50%.

Spend less. Get more social engagement.

Continuon’s machine learning reveals the best influencers in your branded social communities, and know who your audience is. Start harnessing the power of nano-influencers to create powerful, data-led campaigns that achieve brand goals and reduce your cost per engagement by up to 50%.

Uncover trends in your community.

Use Continuon's powerful AI to discover trends emerging in your social community. Track and analyze content, and respond with impactful campaigns that boost brand reputation and drive organic engagement. Improve brand mentions by up to 50%, and campaign mentions by up to 70%.

Harness machine learning.

Make your social marketing work harder. Use data to optimize your marketing budget, shift audience behaviour and boost social returns. With Continuon, you can decrease your cost per impression by up to 70%.

Trusted. Smart. Powerful

Continuon has already been put to the test by 50 of the world’s top brands in a groundbreaking research study that’s changing the way marketers think about influence. Download The Power Of Influence.

New research shows traditional 'influences' may not always provide the best return for companies, and ordinary people with smaller, more concentrated followings could prove more useful to companies.

Lauren Kate Rawlins

ITWeb Digital and Innovation Contributor

Brands are investing heavily in social media ‘influencers’, but the research has clearly shown that most brands are getting influencer marketing wrong.

Arthur Goldstuck

Managing Director of World Wide Worx

Fans and followers aren’t everything and that engagement doesn’t equate to influence.

Lynnette Dicey

New metrics for measuring influencer marketing

Smart brands use Continuon for superior social results.
This is what every major brand and agency should know about influencer marketing - research from 50 major brands.DOWNLOAD REPORT
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