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  • What data does Continuon gather and analyse?

    Continuon initially gathers and stores a brands social media data, including each individuals behavioural data with the brand. It then analyses this data to determine each individuals influence and interests. We also have the ability to merge and integrate CRM data, sales and purchase data and a list of 3rd party application data into our analysis. This provides a holistic, 360° view of the customer and their behaviours.

  • How does Continuon measure and score influence?

    Continuon uses a statistical algorithm that analyses up to three dozen data indicators, to provide a measure of an engager's ability to increase the velocity of conversation on brand-owned content. This provides insight into how much individuals within the brand's social media communities are able to drive engagement, and influence other people's activities (such as purchase decisions).

  • How do you use the influence score?

    There are multiple use cases around strategically using influence marketing to build an army of brand advocates and ambassadors for your brand. Continuon works with agencies and brands to assist in strategically using influencer insights to create leading influencer outreach strategies. Focus on who really matters most to your brand and drive word-of-mouth in the digital age.

  • What is the purpose of categorizing content?

    When you use Continuon, you have the ability to create unique categories for your posts across all three social networks. This allows you to define and group your content in ways that are relevant to your brand. For example, you might categorize based on campaign, product type, image type or post content. Once our machine learning has analyzed your data, you can then easily compare your categories and improve your approach to social marketing.

  • Can I export my data?

    Yes, once your data is analyzed by Continuon, you can export community lists and custom segments as CSV files.

  • Can I create ad campaigns with exported data?

    Yes, provided you have a valid Continuon account, any community members that you export will be usable as custom ad lists.

  • How much does Continuon cost?

    Continuon is an enterprise level platform. The minimum charge is $249 per month, per brand. There are additional options for expanded features and data.

  • Can I cancel my Continuon account?

    Yes. If you don't upgrade from the free trial period to a Basic account, your account will automatically be cancelled after 14 days. Alternatively, you may cancel your account any time.

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