Identify your most influential consumers

Consumers in your social media community or CRM community are given a unique score based on their ability to drive action in the greater community.

Measure the quality of a whole community

Gone are the days of building a large community that does nothing. Unlock the power of knowing if the community you are building is powerful.

Know what gets tongues wagging

Understand what content has the greatest impact by tracking how different content performs.

Set and track benchmarks

Understand if your community is getting better or worse over time. Size isn’t everything! Understand how they are compared to competitor’s advocates, creating true brand evangelists.

Personalise communication

Create multiple consumer segments that will allow for the right consumer to see the right content at the right time for the BEST impact. How do they respond to different messages and content? Allowing for relevant, targeted communication to ensure maximum impact.

Improve ROI

Know that you are spending money in the right place. Improve your ROI by allowing time, money and effort to be focused on what really works.

All of this on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.