Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most popular questions we get on a daily basis. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us.

Continuon initially gathers and stores a brands social media data, including each individuals behavioural data with the brand. It then analyses this data to determine each individuals influence and interests. We also have the ability to merge and integrate CRM data, sales and purchase data and a list of 3rd party application data into our analysis. This provides a holistic, 360° view of the customer and their behaviours. 

Continuon measures influence as the ability for an individual, within a brands social media communities, to drive engagement or to invoke action post interacting with brand content. We use a statistical algorithm to input variables such as reach, resonance and relevance to output whether the individual truly has the ability to increase the velocity of conversation on brand owned content. 

Yes, Continuon gives the user the ability to measure both an individuals influence and authentic interests as well as the ability to measure overall community influence and interests,  in real-time, across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

There are multiple use cases around strategically using influence marketing to build an army of brand advocates and ambassadors for your brand. Continuon works with agencies and brands to assist in strategically using influencer insights to create leading influencer outreach strategies.  Focus on who really matters most to your brand and drive word-of-mouth in the digital age.

Yes, Continuon is all about understanding people and therefore we offer in-depth personal profiles of every single social engager and influencer within your social owned communities. These profiles give a breakdown of all demographic and sign up data available, they provides in depth engagement insights across all platforms and finally can integrate all purchasing behaviour of every individual customer into these profiles. The result? A 360° real time view of every single customer.

Yes, Continuon allows for high level competitor benchmarking around the quality of any competitors communities and their relevant influence. We do this only using publicly available data to provide these insights. Our goal is to allow brands to finally understand how their owned communities and social investments are measuring up against their competitors communities and investments.

No, we do not provide sentiment tracking and brand health measurements based off sentiment. Rather, we focus on allowing brands to stay focused on a personalised marketing approach at scale, resulting in authentic and organic brand advocacy,  positive word-of-mouth, which increases the brand health and sentiment as a result.

Yes, we have several APIs that allow for programmatic data extraction as well as programmatic uploads of additional sources of unstructured data. Contact us for more information.

Our goal at Continuon is to seamlessly allow brands and business to extract clear, measurable value as quickly as possible off our platform. Therefore, we require your brands social logins to start the process and from there the rest of the magic is on us. Depending on the size of your social media communities, you will be able to start gaining insights within 24-72hrs. Any remaining 3rd part touchpoints will take our team a matter of hours to interface with.

Yes, SMS, Email and Push Notifications are all available to send directly from the platform. Furthermore, you can publish and target your own custom content directly off the platform to any brand owned touchpoints such as websites and apps.

Yes, all data mined, scraped and gathered into the Continuon platform will be owned by the brand and will be available to export at all times. We are fully compliant with all data privacy and personal data legislations, including POPI, and are also fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation from the EU/UK.

Yes, the platform outlines the various recruitment mechanics, sources and channels used to gather customer data & will monitor signs-up and conversions in real-time.

Yes, with the use of the Continuon platform, you will be able to search your communities by name, number and email address. Furthermore, you’ll be able to filter, dynamically segment and send targeted communications to lists and groups of your choice.

Currently we give the user the ability to export all brand scoped user ID’s to use to import into Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads managers to build and hyper-target ads across all these platforms.

Yes, you can export each individual profile and the metrics and data of these into Excel (.CSV) or image format (PDF). All of our visualizations will soon have export options so that you can pull insights from your analyses directly into reports you are working on.

Our billing model is based off a monthly subscription – per brand, per region – which allows the user to “pay as they go” instead of being locked into an annual license fee. This subscription covers use for all Continuon core features. We also charge an upfront, once off, on-boarding and training fee. Bolt-on feature pricing will also available soon.