Case Studies

How we helped a premium Cognac brand

The organisations global marketing plan centers around a paid-for influencer program. The South African team interpreted this concept and worked with Continuon to identify and engage with the best local influencers.


The organisation understood the power of using Continuon to leverage true brand fans in amplifying their marketing message. The Brand aimed to host an event that rewarded their most loyal and influential people to celebrate and experience the launch of their new variant bottle.


Campaign Objectives

  1. Improve the quality of guest list – Are these the right people? Is this the best possible audience?

  2. Aim to increase and maximise brand awareness on social through personal recommendations from quality influencers – are the right people talking as a result?

  3. Increase CRM sign-ups

  4. Decrease cost per impression and engagement


Campaign Results with Continuon


increase in organic reach


increase in brand mentions


increase in campaign mentions


reduction in cost per engagement


increase in CRM sign ups


decrease in cost per impression


The program has been so effective that it is now viewed as best practice by the global team.

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