Case Studies How we helped a Fashion Brand Increase e-commerce Sales

The brand’s local marketing plan had a heavy focus around a Social Media to e-commerce conversion strategy as one of the primary drivers and


The brand understood the power of using Continuon to leverage true brand fans in amplifying their marketing message and brand awareness strategies. The brand aimed to run a promotional giveaway competition across Facebook and Instagram. The criteria to win was to “tag” at least 2 friends in the comment section of the promotional post.


Campaign Objectives

  1. Understand existing individuals ability and influence to drive hype and shareability around the brand.

  2. Aim to increase and maximise brand awareness on social through personal recommendations from quality influencers – are the right people talking as a result?

  3. Decrease cost per impression and increase engagement

  4. Increase traffic from social to e-commerce site

  5. Drive e-commerce sales


Campaign Results with Continuon


increase in brand comments


new & unique tagged individuals


increase in e-commerce daily site visits


reduction in cost per engagement


ave increase in e-commerce sales


decrease in cost per impression


The winner of the campaign was hand picked by the brand based off their Influencer score - the highest qualifying influencer won the competition.