November 19, 2018

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World’s first social influencer survey results reveal the power of authentic online influence

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Founder of Continuon, Bradley Elliott, revealed the results of the world's first big brand social influencer survey at an event hosted by Heavy Chef on Thursday, 15 March at Workshop17, situated at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.


The social intelligence company spent three months tracking the results. Fifty major brands participated in the study, where they analysed over 100-million data points, through three of the biggest social networks, which is Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, across nine different categories.


Elliott said the reason why they did the study was that they wanted to start getting a cross-category about the quality of influence between brands and particularly between categories themselves.


They identified 5.25 million unique engagers across 50 brands. South Africa has about 60 million people, which means that almost 10% of people who have engaged with these brands in the social media space in the last three months. Also, 355,000 unique influencers were identified.

He said Continuon was formed because they believe that there are two major things happening in marketing and digital marketing as a whole.

"One, there is a huge breakdown of trust between brands, media, government and humans. Secondly, digital has forever disrupted the way the world engages with brands."

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“What we’re seeing is a fundamental breakdown of trust between brands and people and we believe that by using data, and particularly social data in this instance, we can start forging better connections between brands and people and truly start to understand people’s behaviour, understand their interests.”


Elliott also said as marketers, advertisers and businesses we have become masters of our own demise. We’ve abused that relationship in the past where people have passed a piece of data or personal information on to us and we’ve used it to send them spam, etc. So what they’re trying to do is make marketing authentic again.


This is an excerpt from an article published elsewhere – read the full article here.

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