October 4, 2018

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Only Connect: The future of marketing is authentic

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Data empowers better understanding, and with better understanding, brands may forge closer social connections that turn audiences into brand advocates, influencers and loyal customers. When connections are human and authentic, good things happen not only for people but for brands, too. And the big issue that’s affecting influencer marketing right now, is exactly the same challenge that advertising faces — authenticity.

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Advertising is in trouble

Advertising is in trouble. We’ve known this for a while now. The first big asteroid to strike the ‘Mad Men’ of adland was digital. This great disrupter has forever fragmented how humans engage with brands, partly because it’s democratised and disintermediated media.


For marketers, this disruption has meant grappling with rapidly shifting media landscapes but, for consumers, the experience is more about avoiding advertising. People increasingly perceive ads as noise rather than information or entertainment.


The media landscape has become so noisy that global research group, Forrester, says the emotional labour of distraction caused by non-stop ads on devices converts to fatigue for today’s consumers. Forrester predicts that consumers will join the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution by spending some US$24 billion in 2018 to “cocoon themselves from the noise”.



This is as excerpt from an article published on MarkLives – read the full article here.

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