October 4, 2018

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Only Connect: Technology & the power of influence

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Did you know that influence in social networks has a shape? That budget has impact on a brand’s reach on social networks but smaller brands can outperform bigger ones, which have more money, if they are smart, if they use the right technology, and if ‘underdog brands’ are differentiated and are creatively clever? These are just some insights from a recent research study conducted by Arthur Goldstuck of World Wide Worx.*

Fifty major SA brands which use social networks to connect with customers and audiences cooperated in this local research by allowing access to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for three months, enabling the collection of 100m pieces of data, generated by 5.25m individuals who’d interacted with them.

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World Wide Worx and Continuon spent three months poring over more than 100-million data points in the social communities of 50 of South Afri . . .
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The research revealed that social influence has a shape and that this shape changes for every single brand, much like a fingerprint. It is a unique indicator of the power of influence that lives in a brand’s social community. By influence I mean real influence: the ability to affect behaviour. Let’s face it, when brands invest as much money in social as they do, they want to know how much of an impact this will have on what matters — revenue growth.


This is as excerpt from an article published on MarkLives – read the full article here.

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