September 27, 2019

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How to effectively target Facebook advertisements

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Despite the controversy surrounding Facebook, it remains the world’s biggest social media network. The platform enjoyed an average of over 1.5 billion daily active users as of June 2019. Facebook also owns Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, which see more than 2.1 billion users every single day. Due to this amount of traffic alone, Facebook can be a valuable marketing tool, and can’t be ignored.

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Why You Should be on Facebook

With constant updates and breakthroughs such as the latest update that allows users to click on an ad on their timeline and be directed to your business page’s Messenger account to help customers interact with you directly in a simple no-fuss manner. This can increase the number of clicks, messages, and overall interaction between the client and the business.


Winning Strategies to Maximise Brand’s Returns

When it comes to using Facebook, here are Continuon’s top tips for ensuring you get the most from advertising on this social network:


Custom audiences

With Facebook’s business page tools, you can build your own custom target audience to increase the probability of your ads reaching people that will really be interested in what you have to offer. You can select people that have liked previous posts, people who have viewed a photo or video post in the past, and a variety of other audience specifications.


Utilise lookalike audiences

This powerful strategy enables brands to spread reach across Facebook’s colossal user base. The advertising platform built into Facebook easily enables you to use existing newsletter email lists to find Facebook users that have similar profiles to your current customers. This is your “lookalike audience”. Facebook analyzes data such a person’s likes, dislikes, video views, and interests to create a database of people to target with your Facebook ads.


Target existing fans

If you already have a loyal following on Facebook, it may benefit you to target people who already know and respect your brand. If you are not necessarily looking for new followers, just a way to increase sales then creating targeted ads for people who are familiar with you and your products could be just the nudge that someone needs to finally make a purchase they have had their eye on.


There are so many targeting options on Facebook that things can become a little overwhelming — do you target by behaviours, connections, demographics or a person’s interests? The bottom line here is to be lead by strategy. Remember that ROI is all about showing the right people the right message, at the right time, and that is why strategy and research is your best route to winning with the world’s biggest social network conglomerate.

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