August 30, 2019

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How social media is changing the beauty industry

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The beauty industry has always been one of the largest and most competitive consumer spaces, and it's historically been dominated by traditional ad campaigns. Expensive TV ads, billboards, and print media have, for a long time, played the most significant role in generating sales.


But that's all changing now. With the rise of Instagram in particular, beauty, fitness and model influencers have fundamentally changed how people are learning about beauty products. Social ads too, have had an enormous impact, allowing brands to shift budget from big and expensive campaigns to more targeted influencer and social campaigns.

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Shifting to niche and segmented markets

With the wealth of social media data available, beauty brands have made use of consumer segmentation and targeting methods to target potential sales in a much more personal way. For example, consumer are now 41% more likely to discover brands and products through social ads, and 47% more likely to do so through social media pages.



Influencers for the win

More than any other industry, the beauty category has driven the rise of influencer campaigns. Instagram played a key role in this shift, giving models and the like the ability to gain an audience of their own. It was inevitable that ways to monetise this following would be found.


For example, startup beauty brand Glossier attributes influencer campaigns as the main reason for their success. The brand has a loyal following of 2 million on Instagram and has made great use of nano-influencers (ie, their own followers) to promote their content. They even went as far as changing their packaging so it was easier to photograph and looked better on Instagram.

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