October 1, 2018

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Only Connect: Influencer marketing — the B2B golden bullet

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“Real business isn’t done in board meetings; it happens in the small, personal interactions that allow us to prove to each other who we are and what we believe in, honest moments that promote good feelings and build trust and loyalty.” That’s digital marketing phenomenon, Gary Vaynerchuk, talking about influencer marketing.

The founder of VaynerMedia, who spends most of his life with a camera trained on him, continues: “Now, scaling those interactions is not only possible— provided you use the right tools the right way—it’s necessary. In fact, those companies and brands that refuse to try could jeopardise the potential of their business, and in the long term, even their very existence.”

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From art to science

Vaynerchuk’s spot on, of course. Technology and digital transformation have changed the way humans make decisions. McKinsey & Company reports that business-to-business (B2B) sales decision-making has moved from art to science. The global consulting company states that tomorrow’s winners will know how to use technology, data, and digital channels to realise growth. Gone are the days when closing business deals was only about skill. Today, it is now strongly influenced by science (read technology and data).



This is as excerpt from an article published on MarkLives – read the full article here.

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