September 27, 2019

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5 top tips for effective social marketing

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Did you know that 60% of Instagram users find new products on this platform? Or that more people follow brands than individual humans on Insta? With more brands turning to social media marketing, here’s how to make your marketing more effective and to rise above the clutter.


Know and understand your audience

Smart targeting lies at the heart of effective social network marketing. This given, it is critical to use smart tools to monitor the audiences that engage with your branded content. By understanding your audience - who they are, what they like, what drives them and why they’re engaging with your content you can iterate, and grow your brand’s relationship with humans. Knowing your audience will enable your brand to engage in one-to-one type marketing which will increase relevance.

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Choose the right platforms

The key to achieving results is to understand your brand’s target market and which social networks they use, and how. Instagram currently leads for makeup brands, artists, celebrities, beauty vitamins, and more, therefore, social media managers recommend Instagram due to its wide reach, particularly with younger audiences. When choosing social platforms do independent research. Do research on the pros, cons, and when you start out remember rather than spreading your resources thinly make smart choices. Rather master fewer channels, than spread your resources thinly.


Consistency is key

Always start with strategy. Social media marketing isn’t something one does on the fly. Posting something “when you remember” simply won’t do these days considering how quickly things move online. If your posts only appear once in a while they will be lost in the deluge of content on most social media timelines. Stay ahead of the game with a strong strategy, and consistently measuring your outcome against your brand goals. Understanding how social media algorithms work to get your content to the top of news feeds, and by achieving consistently good audience engagement.


Take advantage of influencers

Word-of-mouth remains the strongest motivator of purchase behaviour. People trust their peers and friends for brand recommendations. Lean into this by using nano-influencers in your geography or target audience that have a decent amount of authentic, actionable fans. Followers aren’t enough – you need influencers with fans that can be moved to action. To achieve this use a social tool that harnesses artificial intelligence, like Continuon.


By following these tips and having patience, you will see significant growth in your engagement with your fans and followers. And ultimately engagement is the most important metric for social because engaged humans follow through and make purchases.

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