July 24, 2019

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5 great social media podcasts to brush up on

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Keeping up with the ever changing social media landscape is tough for the best of us. With regular changes to platforms, scandals every other week, and new wannabe platforms on the rise, it's more important than ever to keep up.


If you're a marketing manager, or a social media manager, though, it's critical to your job performance to keep up with the trends and nuances of the industry. Blogs like ours are, obviously, the best way to keep up. But podcasts offer a great alternative.


Here's a few podcasts that offer valuable insights.

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Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner

Listen to this podcast here

This episode, Social Media Examiner Founder and CEO Michael Stelzner interviews Nick Westergaard with a focus on creating great content. They correctly point out that everyone knows that they’re supposed to create great content, but almost nobody does it. The common cause being a tendency to simply run through a checklist of marketing to-do items, without building a set of clear objectives to achieve.


TED Radio Hour with Guy Raz

Listen to this podcast here

In this podcast, Guy Raz interviews several prominent guests from around the marketing world, focusing on how perception of a brand can impact on its success. The guests talk about how brands can impact purchasing decisions, the power of authenticity, and how the perceived value of something can be vastly different from the actual value. It’s an interesting and varied look at brands in the modern age.


Maximize Your Social with Neal Schaffer

Listen to this podcast here

Influencers are all the rage these days. This podcast looks at how to make the best use of influencers, from finding them to improving your ROI when working with them. It’s an interesting look at this growing market, and it identifies some of the key pitfalls you might encounter when working with influencers.


Inbound Marketing Today with Neil Brown

Listen to this podcast here

This one focuses on some of the classic mistakes that brands make when using social media. After years of social media’s rise and its common years today, it seems that some brands still make the same mistakes they did at the start of it all. From trying to use every network, to having no clear strategy, or pointlessly automating unauthentic content, it’s worth a listen to simply to go back to basics.


Marketing Smarts with Kerry O’Shea

Listen to this podcast here

In this interview with Clearwater Marine Aquarium CEO, Kerry O’Shea, the discussion revolves around brand storytelling, and how the success of their campaign Dolphin Tale brought 800 000 visitors a year to the aquarium. It’s an important lesson for any brand, and is worth a listen.

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