July 24, 2019

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3 new social platforms to watch

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While the world is currently dominated by a small handful of social media platforms and apps, the industry is constantly in flux. With new, trendy, platforms popping up seemingly at random, and existing, more established platforms sometimes stagnant or otherwise unstoppable.


The big ones out there, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Snapchat are targeting neverending growth. While the small, spunky, upstarts seem pointlessly tiny when compared to the behemoth that is Facebook.


But that doesn't mean that some of them will never reach a useful size, or that they're all rubbish. If nothing else, the rise of social media should have taught us that things can change quickly.


Here are a few new social platforms with some potential to watch.

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Since merging with Musical.ly and pushing in to western markets, the originally eastern only app has grown exponentially. It’s format of quick, Vine-like videos with added filters has grabbed a over 500 million users, mostly under 30.


While it may go the way of Snapchat, and plateau pointlessly, this one is getting a lot of news and appears to be on the up and up.



With over 20 million users, Houseparty’s unique focus on small, fun, group chats has lately seen it gain a significant bump in new users, going from just 1 million, to more than twenty times that in less than two years.


Houseparty is trying to take a bite out of a market dominated by much larger apps, such as Snapchat, and its unique approach is equally likely to set it apart, as it is to prevent it gaining widespread use. Nonetheless, it’s seen respectable growth and may become something significant.



While this one may seem pointlessly tiny, at only 70k users, it has potential, simply by virtue of being created by Facebook. It’s made as a competitor to the up and coming TikTok, and with the might of Facebook behind it, Lasso could just be an experiment or Facebook could push it to massive heights in the same way as they did with Instagram.

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