August 2, 2019

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3 great influencer campaigns for inspiration

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These days you can't throw a rock without knocking out three 'influencers'. Everybody wants to be one, and every social media strategist wants to find them. 


But the idea that influencers are an essential part of marketing these days, are deserving of your company's hard earned budget is a falsehood. Just like all kinds of marketing, influencer marketing should be carefully planned, and implemented with goals and focus in mind.


There are typically three main types of influencers (with follower counts over 10k), micro-influencers (with follower counts over 1k) and nano-influencers (with follower counts less than 1k). Typically, influencers have the most followers and therefore highest engagements, while micro-influencers cost less and are more targeted (usually with double or more the rate of engagement). 


We add to these three groups the concept of brand influencers, which are people within a brand's following that are most likely to engage, spread content organically, and be generally influential. Brand influencers are not paid for their involvement - they're simply normal people who your brand resonates with. 


Read more about using Continuon for nano-influencer identification.

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Old Navy

Influencer: Alex Rodriguez

Old Navy has frequently used influencer marketing to great effect. They have frequently made use of fashion and lifestyle influencers as part of their campaigns. For Black Friday, the company involved Alex Rodriguez in raising money for the Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA). Together, they successfully raised $1 million for the organization.




Influencers: Lele Pons, Gerard Adams, Prince Royce, Bradley Martyn, Rachel Cook

In it’s latest #LiveUnlimited campaign, Sprint engaged with some if the biggest influencers around today.


Stride Gum

Influencer: DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled, frequently called the “King of Snapchat” has come from relative obscurity to achieve a viewership of 3 million+ per snap. In this Mad Intense Gum campaign, Stride Gum handed over the reigns to their Snapchat account to DJ Khaled, who did what he does best, and made it fun and strange for a day.

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